Diamonds Across Time

Diamonds tell stories that are captivating and timeless. On the one hand, they are just stones, pieces of pure carbon with optical properties that make them glitter and sparkle like stars.  On the other, they are mystical entities hypnotically drawing the viewer into a time machine as it were, wherein a cinematic montage of their journey unfolds. The book Diamonds Across Time presents a sweeping overview of diamonds across time and space, featuring ten essays by world-renowned scholars in love the stone. Here, these authors present new discoveries; explore extraordinary collections; investigate histories, science, and trade; the nature of diamonds; legendary gems, jewelry collections, and great designers. Above all, they tell the human stories that underpin the adoration of diamonds.

Diamonds Across Time is a richly illustrated publication with high-quality images of gems and jewels, archival documents, rare drawings, and fabulous photographs. The volume places diamonds in the context of the time in which they were discovered, and on the political, social, and cultural stage on which their histories were etched. In a rapidly changing world, diamonds are eternal. They were created by nature and grew in the womb of the earth. They tell stories, and they record history. With this book, diamonds will finally have their own storytellers.

The book was compiled and edited by the World Diamond Museum’s chief curator and world-renowned jewelry expert Dr. Usha R Balakrishnan. She and nine other distinguished authors wrote ten monographs written in the order in appearance:

– Usha R Balakrishnan
– François Farges;
– Derek J. Content;
– Hugo Miguel Crespo
– Jack Ogden
– Stefano Papi
– Diana Scarisbrick
– René Brus
– Ruth Peltason
– John King

Hardcover, linen with lenticular hologram 16 x 12 cm, 432 pages, 319 × 244 mm,
309 illustrations (270 colour and 39 black and white)
ISBN: 978-1-83804-840-2
Published: November 15, 2020


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Munnu: Vision & Passion

Munnu: Vision & Passion traces the creativity and vivacity of the late Munnu Kasliwal. Kasliwal’s magical designs put The Gem Palace, his family’s jewelry house, and India on the fashion map of the jewelry world.

The book follows the design journey of Munnu Kasliwal of The Gem Palace Jaipur, a jewelry house synonymous with luxury, sophisticated style, striking statement pieces, and exquisite craftsmanship. Munnu: Vision & Passion chronicles the metamorphosis of The Gem Palace from a local jewelry firm to an international jewelry house, an evolution synchronous with Munnu’s life. From the creation of the ‘T-shirt’ necklace to dreaming up settings that fused gemstone and metal in unique ways, Munnu produced a new genre of jewels that bridged the historical past with an uber-stylish present.

While Munnu loved and admired traditional Indian opulence and grandeur, he brought a unique vision and passion, a rare sensibility and elegance to all his designs, establishing his unique style. To Munnu, a piece of jewelry was a beautiful creation, to be liberated from the confines of the conventional. Published as a tribute to Munnu, this book documents his design journey for more than two decades.

Hardcover, linen, 248 pages, 300 × 300 mm,
196 color illustrations, 26 black and white
ISBN: 978-1-83804-841-9
Publish:  January 30, 2021
Status of delivery: March 21, 2021.


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India, Jewels that Enchanted the World

India, Jewels that Enchanted the World presents for the first time the remarkable history and unique legacy of five hundred years of Indian jewelry, from the seventeenth century to the present. The essays, all written by leading international scholars, explore the rich, distinctive, and unique heritage of Indian jewelry; the striking boldness of South Indian ornaments; the delicate refinement of the Mughal period; the dazzling jewels of the post-Mughal maharajas; the cross-cultural influences between Europe and India in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; and the creations of leading contemporary designers whose jewels display the enduring beauty of Indian design and craftsmanship.

Published to accompany a major exhibition at the State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin organized jointly with the Indo-Russian Jewellery Foundation, this lavishly illustrated catalog brings together royal, ceremonial, and personal Indian jewels to showcase the entire range and variety of the jeweler’s art in India.

Hardcover, 428 pages, 350 × 267 mm,
196 color illustrations, 26 black and white
ISBN: 978-0-99284-040-2
Published: March 30, 2014
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