Munnu: Vision & Passion

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Munnu: Vision & Passion traces the creativity and vivacity of the late Munnu Kasliwal. His magical designs that put The Gem Palace Jaipur, and India on the fashion map of the jewelry world.

The book follows the design journey of the house synonymous with luxury, sophisticated style, striking statement pieces, and exquisite craftsmanship. Published as a tribute to Munnu, this book chronicles the metamorphosis of The Gem Palace from a local jewelry firm to an international jewelry house, an evolution synchronous with Munnu’s life and journey for more than two decades.

Author Dr. Usha R Balakrishnan
Hardcover, linen, 248 pages, 300 × 300 mm,

222 illustrations (196 colour and 26 black and white)
ISBN: 978-1-83804-841-9
Available from March 2021

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