Facets of Mankind -

The world diamond museum

Facets of Mankind – The World Diamond Museum’s mission is to expand the knowledge and love for the beautiful world of diamonds, gems and jewellery. Facets of Mankind features science and history as well as art, music, literature, and design. It enriches people’s engagement with diamonds by promoting research, knowledge and providing an exciting experience to all audiences.

Facets of Mankind -

The world diamond museum's

mission includes:


Research – to gather existing knowledge about diamonds and diamond jewellery, to promote research, and to provide a platform for scholars worldwide.


Safeguarding and preservation – like any other museum, the Facets of Mankind will preserve and safeguard the precious artefacts for generations to come. By turning the artefacts into digital assets, by making efforts to access new or previously unknown objects, by creating new and often unique images, using state-of-the-art technologies, of these artefacts, and by documenting them in detail.


Education – to make the acquired knowledge available to the public, with the emphasis on the younger generation. To present this knowledge in a fashion that will excite people of all ages, to broaden their horizons and change their perception of diamonds.


Exhibitions – to promote the values of Facets of Mankind – The World Diamond Museum to the public at large, by displaying virtual and real objects in museums around the world.

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